About Me

Hi! I'm Stephanie, a self-taught iOS Software Engineer with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Yes, you read that correctly.

"Chemical Engineering?! Then how did you become a Software Engineer?"

Now that's a long story. In short, I worked in the manufacturing industry for giants such as Colgate and Hain-Celestial for a few years after graduating college and I realized that while I'm great at the job, it lacks creativity and problem solving that my brain craves. Without them, I am bored too easily and I don't feel engaged at work.

I didn't find my passion in tech, specially for iOS mobile app development, until I met people in that industry in 2018. After quitting a job and getting laid off twice, I finally realized that manufacturing wasn't for me and that I want to pursue my passion for coding instead. Besides, who wants to report to work before 7am for the next several years?!

So the 2nd time I was laid off in October of 2019, I decided to get to work. Many hours were spent studying, building projects, applying to jobs, and wondering why I keep getting rejected. By September 2020, I was hired for my first iOS Engineer role at PayPal. "That's a miracle", as some would say. I totally agree. Especially with a full-blown pandemic going on and unemployment rates higher than ever.

But here's the truth — I spent a lot of time studying other people's success stories, perfecting my resume and LinkedIn profile, building my portfolio, learning to network, interview prepping, and figuring out exactly what to learn in order to land my first Software Engineer role.

And now, I'm here to share the secrets with you.

I'm human and have interests outside of working! This includes oil painting, film photography, investing, and catching up with friends. My black cat, Midnight, was found as a stray and accompanies me everywhere I go.
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