This is what my clients had to say about me...

Lokesh K.
Resume Review
"I liked the idea to make a role-specific resume. and she gave me some useful advice to add Objectives on the top and put the skills on the top."
Victor R.
1:1 Career Coaching
"Stephanie was great. I told her about my current software dev position and my desire to move into iOS development. I wanted help to make sure that the iOS subjects that I am learning and the projects I'm working on are going to serve me best when going out and applying for iOS jobs. She helped me determine some learning focuses for my next project and I'm glad we got to chat."
Giovanni N.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
"Stephanie provided awesome feedback my LinkedIn profile, and helped me understand how to improve my LinkedIn profile to attract more recruiters. I appreciate that Stephanie encouraged me to add more visuals of my work to make it easier to find, and to add my personal projects at the top Featured section. Stephanie's LI is very impressive so I'm grateful we got to discuss how to optimize my page."
Charlie O.
Resume Review
"Stephanie was great. I feel as though I made radical improvements to my resume and got some great insight as I move forward in my job search."
Jeffrey L.
1:1 Career Coaching
"Stephanie is honest and helpful! She addresses low hanging fruit issues to help improve your LinkedIn profile.  Whether you're just starting out or having been trying for awhile to get that first job, she has been through the process and is willing to help."
Raymond T.
1:1 Career Coaching
"If you're considering about becoming an iOS engineer, or just want to meet one, go to Stephanie! 30 minutes of your time is short, but it is a sound investment if you need direction and clarity to bootstrap your iOS career."
Amirah V.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
"Stephanie was great at conducting the session, pointing out the things I could change in my LinkedIn profile (with examples/comparisons), and open to questions. Overall, i think it helped me realize the things I need to work on more. 😀"
Frans W.
1:1 Career Coaching
"Stephanie is a young professional individual who cares to move humanity forward through the application of technology, particularly in area that can motivate people to pursue their higher achievements and clarity in life."
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